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Yucatecan Painter to Exhibit Chichen Itza Canvas in New York

September 29th, 2010 by ejalbright

“Aventuras en Chichén y Uxmal, homenaje a Catherwood” by Malena Peon.

Malena Peon is a painter from Merida who next month will exhibit her latest Yucatan-themed canvas, “Aventuras en Chichén Itzá 2012,“ in a special exhibition, “The United States Artists Biennial Part Two,” at the Broadway Gallery in New York City.

Peon is one of several internationally-exhibited artists who will be showing during the exhibition, which will run from Oct. 1 to 15. The gallery is at 473 Broadway in Manhattan, between Broome and Grande streets.

The painting is a mixed media, using Chinese ink, oil, pastel and acrylics. “It is done on canvas with the background in warm colors, predominantly red, symbolizing our royalty and the predominant colors in the fall in New York,” the artist told the Diario de Yucatan.

The painting, according to Peon, recreates an event involving her ancestor, don Simon Peon, who met the artist Frederick Catherwood in New York 170 years ago and inspired he and writer John Lloyd Stephens to come to Yucatan to see the Maya ruins, especially Chichen Itza. Their journey resulted in two groundbreaking books, Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas and Yucatan (1841) and Incidents of Travel in Yucatan (1841) which brought the world’s attention to the ruins of the Maya civilization.

This is not the first time Peon the artist has used Chichen Itza as a subject. The Mexican embassy in Vienna exhibits one of her earlier works, “Chichén Itzá Maravilla del mundo.“ On the day in 2007 when Chichen Itza was named one of the new Wonders of the World, the artist presented a painting of Chichen at the tourist center of the archaeological zone. Another serires of paintings, “Chichen in the Four Seasons,” hangs in the governors office of the Yucatan convention center.

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Going to the Equinox? Here’s What to Expect

September 21st, 2010 by ejalbright

The equinox is always a big event at Chichen Itza. In the spring it is huge, but in the fall there is still a good sized turnout.

Here’s a sample of what you can expect, a video I did at the spring 2009 equinox:

You can find an explanation of the equinox and why it does what it does at Chichen HERE.

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UPDATE: Karl Pilkington’s Visit to Chichen Itza

September 18th, 2010 by ejalbright

Karl Pilkington at Chichen Itza
Karl Pilkington at Chichen Itza Photograph: Rich Hardcastle (from The Guardian)

The Guardian newspaper in London published Karl Pilkington’s travel diary of his visit to Mexico and Chichen Itza. Pilkington, the clueless sidekick of Ricky Gervais (creator of “The Office”), came to Chichen Itza for a multi-part documentary called “An Idiot Abroad.” The program will air later this month on Sky One and, one presumes, be out on DVD in the next few months.

You can read about Karl’s visit to Chichen Itza HERE. What follows are a few excerpts:

“It’s an odd one, the Chichen Itza. It was built by the Mayan people for sacrifices and ripping people’s hearts out. Not exactly Alton Towers, is it? …

“Considering that the Mayans live in huts made from bamboo and straw these days, it seems a bit over the top that they built such a big, strong structure as a place to cut off heads …

“The Chichen Itza is just a pyramid with four sides, with stairs on each side leading to some kind of bungalow on the top. Thinking about it, all those stairs defeat the idea of the bungalow …

“I wandered away from the tourists and found another cenote like the one I swam in yesterday. The audio guide said this would have been the Mayans’ main source of water. Some say these holes where made by meteorites that hit earth millions of years ago. Apparently the cenote was another place they sacrificed people …

“I was looking into it when I noticed I was surrounded by lizards. Big ones. I gave one a bit of one of my Hobnobs. It seemed to love it. It ended up eating two. I realised then that I had swapped lives with a lizard on this latest trip. Here it was eating my Hobnobs and there I’d been eating crickets, worms and wasp eggs. It’s odd to think the Mayans have probably never tried a Hobnob, yet this lizard has.”

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An Idiot Abroad: Karl Pilkington Comes to Chichen Itza

September 8th, 2010 by ejalbright

Karl Pilkington, the clueless sidekick of Ricky Gervais (creator of “The Office”), came to Chichen Itza last year and his experience has been captured in a multi-part documentary called “An Idiot Abroad.”

Pilkington, whose has limited travel outside his native U.K. (he goes to Wales, apparently), was sent around the world to view the Seven Wonders of the World, including Chichen Itza.

The program premieres later this month on Sky 1, but will be on DVD soon afterward. Here are a couple of previews (NOT SAFE FOR WORK):



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