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World’s Tourism Ministers Take in Chichen Itza in the Rain

May 21st, 2012 by ejalbright

Last week tourism ministers from 20 nations gathered at Chichen to take in the famous archaeological city and hold a working lunch at the Hacienda Chichen.

Belisa Barbachano, who runs the Hacienda Chichen, dropped me a quick note about the meeting. “Mexico’s Secretary of tourism, Gloria Guevara, and the leaders of the T20 Ministers of Tourism were joined by a number of international travel organization heads to enjoy a gala lunch at Hacienda Chichen Resort while visiting Chichen Itza for the official T20 photograph with the Castillo as a background (it was raining but the group was able to go visit the site briefly for this special official photo).

The ministers and other VIPs were welcome by Mrs. Guevara at the hacienda with our delicious organic chaya cocktail. A few minutes later she left the T20 and WTO guests for to give her press speech (held at Mayaland leaving all the T20 Ministers and guests at the hacienda to enjoy their cocktail time awaiting her return). Before leaving, Mrs. Guevara introduced me to His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, President of SCTA, who found the Hacienda Chichen enchanting and was truly interested to know more about us. I was very pleased with his kind interest and lovely comments, as with other T20 guests and members we found an open display of interest to learn more about the Hacienda Chichen past and present, also about our commitment to responsible tourism, green living.

“The gala lunch was served after Mrs. Guevara’s return from her press meeting. Tables were elegantly dressed with cream and chartreuse linen tablecloths and decorated with handmade Mayan ceramic charters and sculptures, absolutely lovely. Lush fresh Plumeria (flor de mayo) flower arrangements added a heavenly fragrance to the delight of all of us. The Main Casa looked magical. Bibiano and his sons’ guitar melodies added the final touch of joy to the ambiance.

“We requested our own guests to kindly allow us to serve them outside during this event, and I am pleased to say that all of them were most happy to support us — thank God as it turned out that all the delegates also came with the VIP guests.

“Chef Josue Cime and his staff created a perfect culinary feast for these important guests. After a variety of Yucatecan traditional appetizers, the meal started with a chilled cucumber cream, follow by aged beef filet mignon served with a Mayan peppers sauce (Nohoch Pol, Yax Pol, y X’ Max-ulam or piper auritum) and steamed asparagus. To vegetarian guests we served our organic pasta primavera. Dessert was an organic, freshly made mango sorbet. All was elegantly presented by Chef Cime who truly knows how to melt your heart with his culinary gift.

“The rain did not allow these guests to walk around the gardens to enjoy the hotel’s grounds, but as you remember the main house has a special energy and the views of the garden are lovely from its terraces. The program was running late so as soon as the rain let up the group was taken to the Castillo temple to take the official photo and run to Kahua airport as they had a dinner and conference with President Calderon at the Riviera Maya.”

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Chichen Itza in Chocolate Breaks World Record

May 15th, 2012 by ejalbright

A model of Chichen Itza’s main pyramid, the Temple of Kukulcan, is the world’s largest piece of chocolate candy.

Qzina Specialty Foods has broken the world record for largest chocolate sculpture with the model. The Irvine, California company built a 1/30 scale reproduction of the pyramid that weighs more than 1,800 pounds. The sculpture will be destroyed (does that mean eaten?) when the Maya calendar runs out on Dec. 21, 2012.

See the company’s story on how it accomplished this feat HERE. More photos can be found HERE.

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