Chichen Itza Attendance Down by More Than Half, State Says

October 27th, 2010 by ejalbright

The number of visitors to Chichen Itza in the last two months fell by more than 50 percent over the same period in past years, reported Jorge Esma Bazan, director of the state agency that oversees the ruins

La Cronica de Hoy reported this week that during September and October, the number of visitors to Chichen Itza fell to its lowest point in history. Normally the site gets 4,000 tourists per day on average, but during this period it averaged 1,500.

The problem cannot be attributed to the increase in ticket price, Esma Bazan said, as most of those who came to Chichen Itza paid the previous ticket price. On Sept. 1, ticket prices for foreigners to enter Chichen Itza increased by 50 pesos to $166 Mexican ($13 U.S.), but most of those who came to Chichen Itza did so as part of tours which had purchased tickets at the previous price.

Other archaeological sites have seen a drop in attendance, but at Chichen Itza the drop has been most dramatic. The only possible contributing cause Esma Bazan was able to point to was a general strike in Spain.

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