Hacienda Chichen Honored for Green Tourism

December 3rd, 2010 by ejalbright

Sustainable Tourism in Mexico Teaser from Green Living Project on Vimeo.

The Mexican Tourism Board, in association with the Green Living Project, selected the Hacienda Chichen as one of five Mexican businesses to showcase as examples of environmentally friendly and economically sustainable tourism enterprises.

The Green Living Project travels the world and documents, using a variety of media, sustainable tourism. They then promote these projects over the course of a year. The video above, for example, contains snippets of the five selected business, including views of the Hacienda Chichen.

The owners of the Hacienda business are friends of mine, and for years I’ve been telling them that they should be touting their environmental friendliness. The Hacienda Chichen is the only business in the region that treats is wastewater with natural bacterial agents and waste-filtering plants. It has worked closely with the surrounding villages from where it draws its workforce, installing wastewater treatment and potable water supplies in schools, helping to rebuild churches, and conducting other activities to promote the welfare of the Maya families in the region.

Recently the Hacienda Chichen began a program asking its guests (or anyone else who happens to be visiting the area) to bring items from their home country that will help promote nutrition and good health for children living in Xcalacoop (pronounced ISH-kah-lah-kup), the village where most of the Hacienda’s employees live.

Visitors are asked to bring along children’s multi-vitamins, small kitchen appliances and cookwear, plastic plates/bowls/cups, bio-trash plastic bags of various sizes, as well as a host of other useful items to help the people of the village better their lives. Visit this link (click HERE) for a complete list of items and instructions how to donate them.

“Please do let your readers know that if they do not stay at the Hacienda Chichen but come to Chichen Itza for a day-tour or other short visit that they still can bring the goods and leave them at our reception desk,” Belisa Barbarchano, owner of the Hacienda, recently wrote me. “We will deliver the goods to the schools or health center.” She suggests that anyone interested in bringing items should e-mail the Hacienda at info@haciendachichen.com to let them know they are coming, or if they wish to visit the the locations and families who are being assisted.

Here’s the press release:

Green Living Project Partners With Mexico Tourism Board
Strategic partnership focused on documenting sustainable tourism in Mexico and showcasing them at the 2010 U.N. Climate Change Conference (COP16) in Cancun, Mexico; Additional partners include Rainforest Alliance, Conservation International, Alliance for Climate Education, Sustainable Travel International

Los Angeles, CA (November 19, 2010) – Green Living Project, the leading media production and distribution company showcasing global sustainability-related initiatives, has announced their newest production expedition, this time to Mexico (October 15 – 29). Green Living Project has partnered with Mexico Tourism Board and others to document 6 leading examples of sustainable tourism in the Southeast Mexico. These tourism-related initiatives will be showcased at the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP16; www.cc2010.mx) held in Cancun, Mexico November 29 – December 10.

In partnership with Mexico Tourism Board, Rainforest Alliance, Conservation International, Alliance for Climate Eduction, and Sustainable Travel International, Green Living Project (GLP) has identified 6 leading examples of sustainable tourism in the Southeast region of Mexico. These examples represent a diverse mix of important standards and best practices around sustainable tourism (e.g. community-based tourism, eco-lodges/resorts, geo-tourism, climate change, organic food). Selections were made based on partner verification, along with utilizing the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC), a set of principles providing a framework for the sustainability of tourism businesses around the globe.

The Southeast region of Mexico was selected due to its exemplary examples of sustainable tourism, diverse geography, adventure travel opportunities, unique Mayan heritage, community-based tourism, and leading eco-lodges/resorts embracing sustainable tourism practices. Featured projects include:

* Pueblos Mancomunados (Oaxaca)
* Finca Argovia Coffee Plantation (Chiapas)
* Hacienda Chichen Resort (Yucatan)
* Community Tours Sian Ka’an (Quintana Roo)
* Fairmont Mayakoba (Quintana Roo)
* Huatulco (Oaxaca)

“We need to show that Mexico is “walking the walk”, and that we have some great success stories from all different sectors in the tourism industry, from community-based initiatives to destinations to mainstream hotel companies,” said Antonio del Rosal, Marketing Coordinator, Mexico Tourism Board. “In addition to technical and visual excellence, GLP knows how to approach a project and how to ask the right questions that help reveal the impact each project or destination is having on it’s triple bottom line. We also look forward to working with GLP to showcase these sustainable tourism projects at COP16 in Cancun, and jointly-collaborate on other sustainability-oriented marketing opportunities in the near future.”

“Rainforest Alliance is working to help tourism-related businesses conserve the environment and contribute to local livelihoods through training, verification and technical services,” said Denia del Valle, Sustainable Tourism Program Manager for Mesoamerica, Rainforest Alliance. “Green Living Project does an excellent job of revealing the behind-the-scenes efforts of each sustainability story and bringing the colors and flavors of the destination to life. By working with GLP, we want to provide the general public, government officials, and other key stakeholders with information on the work we are doing with tourism businesses committed to sustainable tourism principles in Mexico.”

“This is an exciting opportunity to work with Mexico Tourism Board and these leading organizations committed to sustainable tourism,” said Rob Holmes, Founder and President of Green Living Project. “We look forward to documenting these cutting-edge projects within the beautiful and fascinating Southeast region of Mexico. Showcasing these projects and destinations at the UN Climate Change Conference this fall will be an excellent way for everyone involved to support, promote, and celebrate the importance and benefits of sustainable tourism in relation to tourism and climate change.”

Expedition partners include Mexico Tourism Board, Aeromexico, local tour operators, and sponsors such as The North Face, Patagonia, Timex, Osprey Packs, Native Eyewear, SPOT, Chaco, and Hoodman USA. To follow the Expedition, please visit www.greenlivingproject.com, along with social media sites, Facebook (www.facebook.com/greenlivingproject) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/GreenLivingPrjt).

About Green Living Project:
Green Living Project (GLP) is the leading media production and distribution company showcasing global sustainability-related initiatives, including tourism, wildlife, education, community development, and food. Through various multi-media production and distribution techniques, GLP documents cutting-edge sustainability initiatives and best practices to educate and inspire consumers to organizations on the importance and benefits of sustainability-based practices. GLP then markets this exclusive content through various strategic outlets (events, television, schools, online). Key partners include Mexico Tourism, African Wildlife Foundation, Earthwatch Institute, Rainforest Alliance, R.E.I., L.L.Bean, Green Festival, The North Face, and Patagonia. Green Living Project is a privately held company located outside of Los Angeles, California. For more information, please visit www.greenlivingproject.com.

Media Contacts:
Rob Holmes Hailey McDonald
Green Living Project Adventure Media
+1 (818) 988-2234 +1 (970) 379-9363
rob@greenlivingproject.com hailey@adventuremedianews.com

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