Paul McCartney at Chichen Itza Canceled Before It Could Be Scheduled

March 23rd, 2012 by ejalbright

(Reporting from Yucatan) — The Paul McCartney concert at Chichen Itza has been cancelled before it was even scheduled.

Yucatan Governor Ivonne Ortega Pacheco told the media yesterday that negotiations that would bring the former Beatle to Chichen Itza this spring may have hit an impasse because the proposed timing of the concert would put it in the period of “electoral silence,” a legal prohibition on rallies before the July 1 Yucatan state elections. Also, McCartney will be on tour in Asia during that period, the governor told La Reforma, a Yucatecan publication.

The governor had originally announced, via Twitter, that the state was negotiating with McCartney to play in late March/early April. Recently one Mexican publication reported a rumor that McCartney would play at Chichen Itza on May 19. According to other news reports, McCartney will play in Mexico City at Azteka Stadium on May 8.

The governor indicated that a date for a concert at Chichen Itza that works for the state and McCartney may still be found.

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