Protesters Block Entrance Road to Chichen Itza

March 8th, 2015 by ejalbright

Protesters from Pisté, the town next to Chichén Itzá, blocked the entrance road into the archaeological zone one day last week.

The Maya, who represent the ejido of Pisté, are protesting what they believe is unfair distribution of proceeds from tickets and concessions at Chichén, namely that the government and businesses get it all and the local people get none.

The protesters were stopping cars and buses going into Chichén and collecting 10 pesos per head or 300 pesos per busload. They managed to collect 20,000 pesos before authorities convinced them to stop.

This issue is not resolved, although there are no specific plans announced for the “toll collecting” to resume.

If you are stopped just outside Chichén, my advice is to pay the toll. This is a non-violent protest. Also, this issue probably will be resolved and there will be no more protests.

Don’t get involved in what is a local dispute. It is illegal for non-Mexicans to participate in anything that smacks of politics. Though rare, gringos have been arrested and deported.

These type of protests happen occasionally, and this should blow over in a day or two. But if it doesn’t, I will post additional information here at

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