Yucatan, Day Five and Six

March 15th, 2008 by ejalbright

Day Five I originally planned to go to Chichén Itzá, but the night before I left I received a call that Carmen Barbachano y Gomez Rul, sister of my dear friend Fernando Barbachano Gomez Rul, would be willing to meet for an interview. I cleared my schedule to speak with her, and she proved a delightful interview, as charming and intelligent as her brother, and very, very down to earth. It made my day.

The rest of the day was spent around Merida. The next morning I spoke at the Merida Men’s Club, where ex-pats from the US and Canada gather once a month for a breakfast. The subject of my speech was Edward H. Thompson and the Treasure of the Sacred Well. The group seemed to enjoy my talk, which was based on an article I wrote a couple of years ago.

After the speech, I hit the road for Chichen Itza, where I visited friends, dropped off some materials for the INAH director there, and checked into the Hacienda Chichén. I then went into the archaeological zone for a couple of hours. I had been reading in the papers that the hundreds of vendors who invade the park each day to sell trinkets had voluntarily withdrawn for a couple of days, but when I was there, they were back in full force. The patience of the Mexican government is just about exhausted, and one can sense that either the vendors will leave voluntarily or will be driven out by force, as they have on two previous occasions.

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