Chichen Itza Gets a New Face on Several Monuments

March 20th, 2008 by ejalbright

INAH completed its third season of restoration/maintenance of monuments at Chichen Itza, the federal agency announced in a press release.

This past year work has focused on the buildings surrounding the great pyramid, El Castillo. The Temple of Warriors directly east of the pyramid underwent waterproofing. The two platforms to the north, one named after Venus, and other after Eagles and Jaguars, underwent restoration of the carved reliefs that adorn the sides.

Other structures that received attention were the Tzompantli, with its walls of carved skulls, and two structures that comprise part of the Great Ball Court, the Upper Temple of the Jaguar and South Temple.

According to INAH, the most important work was the waterproofing of the Temple of Warriors. The floors atop the structure were protected with a coating and sloped so that rainwater no longer pools and then seeps into the substructure.

In the case of the Platform of Venus, Platform of Eagle and Jaguars, and Tzompantli, INAH had to undo earlier restorations to make the structures closer to the way they appeared in their heyday a thousand years ago.

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