Profits from Placido Domingo Show to Go to Chichen Itza

August 11th, 2008 by ejalbright

The organizers of the Oct. 4 “Concert of the Thousand Columns,” featuring Placido Domingo at Chichen Itza, promise that all profits will be “invested” in Chichen Itza and other archaeological sites.

Darío de León, coordinador de la presentación told the Mexican news service Notimex that the concert will be broadcast live on pay-per-view television, and then rebroadcast later on commercial television.

de León revealed some of the details of the logistics behind the concert. The stage will be constructed between El Castillo and the Great Ball Court, probably in the same location from where Pavarotti sang in the 1990s (in front of the Temple of the Warriors). His team will meet with INAH later this month to finish working out the specific details.

Domingo will arrive at Chichen on Oct. 1, flying into the Chichen Itza airport in Kaua. He will be staying in the hotel zone, and although de León did not say where, the best bet would be the Mayaland, which is where Pavarotti stayed as well.

Domingo also will purchase 100 tickets to his own show, this in addition to his complementary allotment of tickets that he receives as part of his contract. The tenor intends to give them to “prominent personalities” in the music business. There will still be plenty of tickets for everyone else as the concert is expected to draw 4,000 patrons

Domingo will sing five songs from Yucatan, including the greatest of all ballads from the area, “Peregrina.” He will also perform “Caminante del Mayab,” “Las golondrinas yucatecas,” “Adoro,” and “Somos novios.”

Tickets, which range from 500 to 10,000 pesos, are available from Ticketmaster in Mexico and outlets in the nation, but apparently are not available in the United States or Canada. Nonetheless, concert organizers reporter there is tremendous interest in from music aficionados NOB (north of the border).


Tickets to Placido Domingo at Chichen Itza on Track to Sell Out

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