Placido Domingo to Fulfill Dream of Singing at Chichen Itza 10 Years After Being Replaced

August 28th, 2008 by ejalbright

It may not have been funny at the time, but today Plácido Domingo laughs about how he was replaced by Luciano Pavarotti in a concert at Chichen Itza.

“Domingo remembers April 1997 and laughs,” was how a reporter started his story. Domingo told the writer, “I was about to sign the contract, when suddenly, one day, I learn that the concert will feature Pavarotti.” He added, “My colleague, Luciano, had a manager who was very … fast. I don’t know how, but suddenly he was announced.”

The Spanish tenor said he has no hard feelings being bumped from the bill in favor of Pavarotti for the 1997 concert at Chichen Itza. He will get his chance to perform at the ancient city of the Maya on Oct. 4 at what is billed, “Concierto de Las Mil Columnas” (Concert of a Thousand Columns).

The opera singer was asked about the dynamics of singing outside versus in a closed auditorium, and, in this case, performing in an archaeological zone. “We sing in a lot in open areas and I can assure you that it is very different from singing in a football stadium or an arena than singing in a wonder of the world such as Chichen Itza. It is a privilege to sing in these historical sites, there is a special magic, because on those nights something happens; people hear music, see and feel in a place so wonderful, and if there is a full moon, it will be something one remembers forever.”

“A full moon would put the audience close to happiness?” the reporter asked him.

“And the gods,” Domingo said.

He was asked about the controversy over staging concerts in sacred sites of patrimony. “I am in favour of protecting these places and I am sure that the organization behind this concert has taken precautions to abide by the rules,” Domingo said. “I, by love of heaven, would not want to cause any problems.”

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