Boxing Match Slated for Chichen Itza Feb. 15

December 2nd, 2009 by ejalbright

Guty Espadas

Former world champion featherweight boxer Gustavo “Guty“ Espadas Jr. announced he will come out of retirement and attempt to retake the title currently held by Dominican Elio Rojas on Feb. 15 at Chichen Itza.

According to the Diario de Yucatan, Espadas, a native of Yucatan, revealed plans for the bout at an event in Maxcanu, a town southwest of Merida, the capital of Yucatan state. The former fighter said that the fight is not official, but he has been training to get back into shape to retake the title.

Espadas Jr. won the title in 2000 by beating Luisito Espinosa of the Phillipines. He lost it the following year to Erik Morales in a fight that many believed Espadas Jr. had won. In 2003 he fought Morales to retake the title, but was knocked out. He retired in 2004 after being knocked out in the second round by Rocky Juarez.

The Merida-born fighter told the crowd in Maxcanu that the fight will be televised to a potential audience of 900 million people.

If what Espadas Jr. says is correct, this will be the first time Chichen Itza has been the site of a sporting event. Four years ago organizers of an archery tournament wanted to hold it at the ancient city but were refused. However, in recent years, the state of Yucatan has been actively working to hold such events at Chichen Itza. In October the soprano Sarah Brightman performed a concert at the foot of the giant pyramid El Castillo and this spring Elton John is scheduled to perform, followed by Paul McCartney in 2011.

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