Elton John, Yes, Boxing, No, at Chichen Itza

January 8th, 2010 by ejalbright

Elton John will be performing at Chichen Itza, but a boxing match will not happen

The director of the Yucatecan state agency in charge of Chichen Itza has declared that the federal agency which also oversees the site has agreed to allow the singer Elton John to perform at the ancient Maya city on April 3. However, a proposed boxing match will instead be held in Merida, Yucatan, according to organizers.

There had been media reports last month that the Elton John concert to be held at the foot of the great pyramid, El Castillo, was at risk of cancellation because of recent archaeological work in the area. However, the director of Cultur, the Yucatecan state agency sponsoring the concert, said he has received permission to hold the concert from INAH, the federal agency in charge of the excavation. Jorge Esma Bazan, Cultur director, told media outlets that “we have the support of the Instituto Nacional de Antropolog√≠a e Historia (National Institute of Anthropology and History–INAH) and are to sign the respective agreement.” He added that representatives of Cultur met with INAH’s general secretary, Luis Ignacio Sainz, and the concert was approved.

The area of excavation at Chichen Itza
The excavation at Chichen Itza

According to Esma Bazan, the excavation at Chichen Itza will not affect the concert. The digging has been conducted on the east side of El Castillo, and the concert will be held on the west side, he said.

The director of Cultur also announced his agency is pursuing the possibility of holding the concert at sunset, which will be followed by a spectacular moonrise.

The sun has set already on the notion that the return to the ring of Yucatecan boxer Gustavo “Guty” Espadas will be held at Chichen Itza. Espadas had announced he would attempt to retake the featherweight crown in a fight at Chichen Itza in February. That fight instead will be held at the Poliforum in Merida on Feb. 20.

In a nod, at least, to the ancient Mayan city, the fight will be promoted as “The Kukulcan Battle,” after the feathered serpent deity for whom the pyramid El Castillo is named. Espadas, who held the World Boxing Council’s featherweight crown a decade ago, will attempt to reclaim it from Dominican Elio Rojas. The fight is being promoted by Pepe Gomez of Cancun and the United States’ Don King.


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