Boxers to Weigh in at Chichen Itza

January 24th, 2010 by ejalbright

The weigh-in for next month’s defense of the World Boxing Council’s featherweight crown will be held at Chichen Itza.

Local favorite and former champion Gustavo “Guty” Espadas will challenge the current champion, Dominican Elio Rojas, in a fight to be held Feb. 20 in Merida at the Poliforum. Originally Espadas announced the fight to be held at Chichen Itza, but was unable to get permission.

The fight, named “The Kukulcan Battle,” after the feathered serpent deity for whom the Chichen Itza pyramid is named, will be coming to Chichen Itza however, as the weigh-in will be taking place in the archaeological zone, according to the Governor Ivonne Pacheco Ortega.

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