The Thalianization of Chichen Itza

October 12th, 2006 by ejalbright

Will this madness never end?

As you may recall, the end of the world, predicted by the Maya for 2012, came early when last spring the pop singer Thalia (married to Mariah Carey’s former husband and manager) posed for pictures among Chichen Itza monuments closed to the general public. These photographs, taken by Thalia’s mother, were published in a tee-vee magazine out of Mexico City this past summer. Three months later, the takin hit the fan when the head of the union of employees at Chichen made Thalia’s transgression public.

Now the poor guards of Chichen Itza are bearing the brunt of Thalia’s indiscretion. Diario de Yucatan reporter Hernán Casares Camera today writes that due to Thalia, the guards report they are being attacked verbally by her fans. They want to sit on the Chac Mool at the top of the Temple of Warriors, just like Thalia; they want to pose at the top of El Castillo, just like Thalia.

The guards have a name for the phenomenon, the “Thalinización de las ruinas.”

So this is the way the world ends: Not with a bang but with a Thalia? …

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