States Seeks to Increase Chichen Itza Admission to $13.50 US

June 24th, 2010 by ejalbright

The state of Yucatan seeks to boost ticket prices at Chichen Itza to pay for the $230 million (Mexican) it plans to borrow to purchase the archaeological zone, according to the Diario de Yucatan.

Standard & Poor’s, the global company that rates credit risks of governments and corporations, has recommended to the state of Yucatan that it refrain from any more extensive borrowing. However, the state has committed by the end of September to pay Hans Thies Barbachano for property within the Chichen Itza archaeological zone and the only way to get those funds is to obtain loans.

To pay for the loans, representatives from the state of Yucatan have proposed double the portion of ticket prices that the state currently receives from Chichen Itza, Uxmal and other sites from 60 pesos to 120. When combined with what the federal government receives, this would increase overall ticket prices from $111 to $171 Mexican ($13.50 US).

This increase, however, would only be imposed upon foreign tourists.

Officials in the state of Yucatan estimate that this would return more than $100 million pesos annually from Chichen Itza alone, half of that new revenue, which would be more than enough to offset any borrowing.

At $13.50 per foreign admission, the price to enter Chichen Itza would be similar to what it costs to view the Colosseum in Rome, another “Wonder of the World,” officials said.

The proposal has been criticized by a leading tourism official in Yucatan. Manuel Valle Ojeda, president of Agencias Promotoras de Turismo de Yucat√°n. Wholesale tourism companies have been promised ticket prices at the current rate through March 2011, he said, so the state will have to accept tickets at the lower rate, at least through then.

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